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Safeguarding Your Investment with Unmatched Warranty Assurance

Embarking on the journey of a lifetime with a new home is a significant investment, and ensuring protection against potential construction or structural defects is paramount. While we take great pride in the craftsmanship of our homes, we acknowledge that unforeseen issues may arise despite our best efforts. That's why we offer a comprehensive warranty to safeguard your investment.

The Written Pledge

Our 6-Year Insured Builder’s Limited Warranty is a meticulously crafted document that outlines stringent quality standards, specifying tolerances for homes enrolled in our program. Going beyond mere verbal assurances, we back our promises with a written, insurance-backed warranty. This document clearly delineates the coverage duration and details in language that is both transparent and easy to comprehend.

Strength in Insurance

In a landscape where 60% of new homes lack an insured warranty, you receive a distinct advantage—a comprehensive, written warranty. Our warranty is directly insured by Steadfast Insurance, a proud member of the Zurich North America Group. The robustness, scale, and quality standards of Zurich mirror our commitment to professionalism and homeowner satisfaction.

Transferability Advantage

Your 6-Year Insured Warranty remains intact, irrespective of how many times the home changes ownership. This invaluable feature provides you with a potent resale tool, setting you apart from the competition in today's real estate market.

Deductible-Free Assurance

When filing a claim, rest assured that as the homeowner, you won't incur any deductibles. Valid claims will be handled and repaired at no cost to you.


Arbitration Expertise

Our dedicated customer service and claims teams, coupled with impartial third-party representatives, ensure a streamlined process. With a resolution rate exceeding 90% without resorting to litigation, we pride ourselves on settling complaints and mediating disputes with unparalleled efficiency.

WARRANTY breakdown

Year 1


Workmanship Materials
Site Work

Concrete Foundation
Floors & Walls
Cabinets Countertops
Thermal Moisture 
Doors & Windows
Louvers & Vents Fireplaces
Electrical Systems


Major Systems: "Inside the Wall" Coverage
Plumbing Supply System
Plumbing Waste System
Electrical System
Ductwork: Heating, Cooling & Ventilation System

YEAR 3-6

Structural Elements
Arches & Columns
Floor Systems
Lintels & Headers
Roof Framing
Structural Beams & Girders
Load Bearing Walls & Partitions

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